About Us

We offer a wide variety of both traditional and non-traditional hand-crafted pieces of Native American jewelry, art and artifacts. We personally hand select all the pieces we sell in the gallery and visit the Navajo, Zuni and Pueblo reservations each year to find the best the Native American craftspeople have to offer. We work with many Native American artists throughout the United States and pride ourselves on offering high quality merchandise with competitive prices.

The Legend of the Blue Lizard

According to Indian legend, One day long ago the women of Casa Grande were playing an ancient game called toka. While they were playing, a blue-tailed lizard fell from the sky and burrowed deep into the ground.

This wondrous event was reported to Morning Green, the chief of Casa Grande. Immediately he ordered the men to dig in the place where the blue-tailed lizard had landed.

The men dug and dug, day and night until their shovels finally hit a solid bed of rock of such beautiful blues and greens that they fell to their knees. They had discovered the precious turquoises, which Morning Green distributed freely among his people and would forever play a role in Native American culture and provide a wealth of amazing jewelry that would become recognized around the world.

Our Vision:

Working with the Native American’s to promote and preserve their cultural heritage and bringing their incredible works of art to the Sandpoint area.

Special Thanks to:

We are very thankful to be in Sandpoint with such a supportive community. Additionally, we have been blessed with an amazing and knowledgeable staff.